Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
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Membership in the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (HICCC) is available to Columbia University faculty members with interests in cancer, cancer-related research, clinical trials and training, and who meet the guidelines outlined below.  Membership is usually limited to one program.

Applications for membership are subject to endorsement by the leader of the program that the candidate proposes to join, and the approval of the Center's Membership Committee and Senior Leadership Team.

There are three categories of membership:

Full Member

Any one of the following satisfies the eligibility requirement for full member:

  • Faculty member with demonstrated commitment to cancer research through scientific productivity, as evidenced by cancer research grants from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) or an NCI approved peer-review agency or organization. Grants must be current or applications submitted within the last three years.
  • Faculty member who conducts clinical research as a leader of clinical trials, or serves as committee chair on National Cancer Institute-sponsored clinical research committees.
  • A newly recruited faculty member in a cancer research field applying for independent funding within three years of recruitment.
  • A faculty member who holds a Cancer Center leadership position (research programs, committees or shared resources).

Associate Member

Associate members are faculty with expertise to enrich the overall interdisciplinary research environment of the HICCC, but who do not qualify as a full member. A candidate for associate membership usually meets one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Faculty from a non-Columbia University-affiliated organization who otherwise meets membership criteria, and is engaged in collaborative research with a member(s) of the HICCC, the nature of such collaboration supporting the goals of the HICCC.
  • An independent researcher in a field(s) not represented by traditional academic departments at Columbia University (e.g., nursing, oncology social work) whose efforts are deemed important or essential to the goals of the HICCC.

Clinical Member

Clinical members are faculty clinicians who enrich the overall interdisciplinary research environment of the HICCC through an active role in cancer clinical trials and/or accrue patients to cancer clinical trials, but who do not otherwise qualify as a full member.