Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
Flash Section


  1. We have an exceptional program for studying cancer genetics.
    Our cancer genetics program is one of the strongest in the world. Our scientists are studying how genes may be activated or inactivated to fuel or inhibit cancer growth, and using this knowledge to devise novel therapies that interfere with these processes to halt cancer progression.
  2. We take a translational approach to research.
    The seed of an idea starts in the mind of a scientist who may evaluate it in the laboratory. Promising laboratory findings are assessed in patients through clinical trials. Likewise, observations in patients may inform new avenues of laboratory investigation.
  3. We are experts at studying cancer in large populations.
    Our affiliation with Columbia's renowned Mailman School of Public Health means we have researchers who can study cancer in large groups of people, learning more about what causes the disease and what we can do to improve access to care for people who are medically underserved.
  4. We can meet all the medical needs of our patients.
    As a world-renowned medical center with outstanding programs such as cardiology, neurology, and psychiatry, we can offer our patients with cancer the care they need for their other medical conditions, all in one convenient location.
  5. We are innovators in research and clinical care.
    Our physician-scientists lead some of the nation’s most important clinical trials for the treatment and prevention of cancer. They are at the forefront of developing the most effective therapies by bringing promising laboratory findings to patients. What our doctors learn from treating their patients is then shared with our researchers, leading to more studies that can help us understand how best to prevent and treat cancer.
  6. We treat the whole patient.
    We are part of Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork Presbyterian Hospital so our patients have access to superior care, no matter what other medical challenges they may face. Our psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers also provide emotional support, every step of the way.

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