Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

In partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, ranked as one of the top hospitals in the United States, the internationally-recognized researchers and clinicians of the HICCC bring together the best approaches for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many types of cancer. Experts in surgery, hematology, medical oncology, neuro-oncology, urological oncology, radiation therapy, pathology, nursing, social work and psychology strive to meet the needs of each individual patient to create a personalized treatment plan.


Annually, HICCC clinicians diagnose and treat more than 3,500 new cancer cases.  Patients also benefit from access to more than 200 clinical trials, many of them featuring therapeutic regimens, as well as studies to help understand the incidence and progression of cancer, and to improve quality of life.


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Clinical Departments, Divisions and Service Centers

To find a doctor, or schedule services, use the links and patient referral numbers below.


Departments, Divisions & Service Centers

Patient Referral Telephone

Cancer Screening Partnership for the uninsured

(Mammography, cervical and colorectal cancer
screening, HPV vaccination)

(212) 851-4516
Dermatology (212) 305-5293
Gynecologic Oncology (212) 305-3410
Hematology / Oncology (212) 305-5098
Endocrine Surgery (212) 305-0442
GI Surgery (855) CU SURGE
Liver Disease & Transplantation, Center of (212) 305-0914
Neuro-oncology (Brain Tumor Center) (212) 342-0571
Paliative Care (212) 305-7340
Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplantation (212) 305-2466
Pediatric Hematology (212) 305-2466
Pediatric Oncology (212) 305-9770
PET Scan, Kreitchman PET Center (212) 342-2899
Nuclear Medicine (Bone Scan,
Thyroid Scan, Renal Scan, Radioisotope Therapy)
(212) 305-2721
Radiation Oncology

8am-5pm: (212) 305-7077

After hours: (212) 305-5050

Radiology Scheduling (CT/CAT Scan, Fluoroscopy,
Mammography, MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray)
(212) 305-9335
Surgical Oncology (855) CU SURGE
Urologic Oncology (212) 305-0114