Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
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Flow Cytometry

Ulf Klein, PhD, Director

Kristie Gordon, MS, Manager

The Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource assists Cancer Center Members in flow cytometry-based studies. The ability to separate a heterogeneous mixture of cells into distinct populations for phenotypic characterization or functional analysis has become increasingly important for biomedical research. Flow cytometry is especially valuable for these purposes as it combines the analytical power of multi-parameter analysis with the possibility to isolate populations of cells according to specific parameters.

To all Flow Cytometry SR users: Beginning October 20, the Flow Cytometry SR will use the iLab Core Management System for instrument scheduling and billing. More information for users, PIs, and Financial Managers can be found here. To schedule equipment and make service requests, go to the iLab web site at https://cumc.corefacilities.org and log in with your UNI and password.

Services include:

  • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)
  • Analytical flow cytometry for immunophenotyping
  • Flow cytometry for analyzing cell cycle and apoptosis

The facility now operates six instruments, including three fluorescence-activated cell sorters that allow high-speed cell sorting and can detect up to 12 fluorescent parameters plus novel living color fluorescent proteins (mCherry, DsRed, mFruits; Sorter 3 Only), and two advanced cell analyzers that in addition to multi-color immunofluorescence analysis are able to perform multiple living color fluorescent protein analysis (including mCherry, DsRed, mFruits; BD LSRFortessa Only), as well as specialty applications such as determination of DNA content, apoptosis and calcium flux measurements.

In addition to these sophisticated instruments, the facility provides access to one user-operated basic cytometer permitting 3 or 4-color immunophenotyping, as well as cell cycle and apoptosis assays. New users that require training on the analyzers are asked to contact the facility before signing up to arrange a time for the training.

The flow cytometric separation of cells from unfixed human tissue is possible on a BD FACSAria equipped as BSL2 (Sorter 1 Only).

Data analysis software (FlowJo) is also available for purchase. This can be downloaded at a very competitive price ($300) for offline analysis in your lab. To register your computer, please visit http://www.flowjo.com/FLS/registration/columbia.html.